The First Batch of the Leading Agricultural Enterprises by Municipality Dalian

To further promote the development of agricultural industrialization, strengthen the cultivation and support of agricultural leading enterprises, the municipal agricultural group publishes 30 companies as the first batch of the leading enterprise.

Developing the agricultural industrialization is an overall work of agriculture and rural economy. The leading agricultural enterprises can drive the rural industrial structure adjustment and promote the farmers' income. All municipal departments should actively implement the relevant policy; take effective measures to do a better job to support the key leading enterprises promote the healthy development of the key leading enterprises. For those unqualified enterprises, the government will cancel their leading enterprise qualification according to relevant regulations.

The leading enterprise’s main aim is to promote the farmers' income by increasing the order for farmers and providing technical services. Establish a stable and close benefit coupling mechanism, continuously improve the ability of scientific research and enhance market competitiveness.

The first batch of the leading agricultural enterprises by municipality Dalian:
Wangfangdian District:
Dalian Tianpeng Food Co.,Ltd.
Dalian Shancheng Horseradish Products Co.,Ltd.
Dalian Fulong Fruit Co., Ltd.
Wangfangdian city Zhongda Food Co.,Ltd.
DalianTiansheng Green Food Co., Ltd.